brand equity

Brand equity represents the set of values that distinguish and differentiate a brand. It encapsulates the heritage and nature of the new Ascot brand.

In its stylistic features, the new logo distils some of the most important values representing the change that the brand has implemented, a path that has just begun and that marks a new phase for confronting new challenges and new markets.

The focus of the process of transformation will be on greater efficiency, increasingly aimed at satisfying our customers and conducting stylistic research that gives shape and life to products that are technically excellent, durable over time, and aesthetically varied.


The horse pictogram has been maintained for continuity with the past, but is revisited and synthesized in line with more modern stylistic features.


A sans serif font with no frills and a solid character was chosen to represent the solidity of a company that has been renewed but is backed up by 50 years of experience.


“Everytile” represents the overall spirit of the new Ascot brand, which adapts to the needs of customers and expands its product range to respond to different tastes and cultures.